Hi, my name is Beth

Diddy Nanna is a small independent British company started by myself, Beth! I trained in Costume construction and was previously working on West End shows before the dreaded Covid hit, thankfully I found a creative outlet in making bags! The inspiration behind the brand is my lovely Nanna Mavis whose lifelong love of little handbags, alongside the revived 90s style bag trend, made me want to start creating my own. The ‘diddy’ aspect came from the fact that my nanna stands at just 4 ft 9 and a half (you can’t forget the half), and so every bag is made to embrace her love of tiny short strap handbags which can be worn up under your arm or able to easily swing in your hand.

It was also really important to me while starting the brand to consider sustainable ways to produce them, and finding reclaimed/unwanted scrap fabrics felt like the perfect way to give something old a new life. Many of the bags and accessories are made from 1960s/70s bed sheets or from donated fabrics friends and family have given to me rather than throwing away. Every bag is made from stiffened buckram to give it strength and longevity and also hand-finished for that personal attention to detail. They all come with a matching scrunchie made from the bags own scraps so I can make sure my waste is at a minimum and you can enjoy a completely co-ordinated look.

I really hope you enjoy them as much as I love making them!

Beth x